Handmade, Farmhouse Cakes

High quality cakes & bakes, made with original recipes

Traditional, handmade cakes, straight from the old market town of Bridport, Dorset.

Where it all began, back in 1998

Jessica's Farmhouse Cakes is a family run business which started out in a traditional farmhouse kitchen, nestled in a rural village on Dorset's famous Jurassic coast. Since 1998 we have moved out of the farmhouse and are now located on the outskirts of the bustling market town of Bridport.
While we may have outgrown our farmhouse kitchen, the recipes and baking methods originally created by Jessica are still in use today. This accompanied by our collection of passionate bakers culminates in the unique 'home-made' taste our customers love. Head over to our about us page to find out more!

Customer reviews



What only can be described as the perfect, most moist and delicious flapjack i've ever tasted.. Thank you so much...


I've had the carrot cake, the coffee and walnut cake and some of the cupcakes from Jessica's Farmhouse Cakes. I have always been so happy with the quality! Great cakes for any occasion! Give her a try!


Best cakes in Dorset! Absolutely love the chocolate cake